Gallery 2013

Here are some photos of the IWRDI 2013 week. Feel free to use and share the photos, but please remember to mention the photographer’s name.


Cooking and dining – Åkerlundinkatu, Monday 22.4.2013 (photo: Mark Curcher, Ursula Helsky-Lehtola)



Introductions – Y-kampus, Tuesday 23.4.2013 (photo: Essi Kannelkoski)


At the old city hall, Tuesday 23.4.2013 (photo: Essi Kannelkoski)


 On international cooperation, Wednesday 24.4.2013 (photo: Essi Kannelkoski)


Workshop, Thursday 25.4.2013 (photo: Essi Kannelkoski)


Sauna evening in Varala, Thursday 25.4.2013 (photo: Essi Kannelkoski)


Demola & certificates, Friday 26.4.2013 (photo: Essi Kannelkoski)